Happy Saint Patrick’s Weekend!

It’s a great weekend to be Irish.

It’s St Patrick’s Day on Monday and a Bank Holiday too so we have a long weekend to get out and about. There are events on all over the city but we’ll definitely find the time to explore the park.

I use the word ‘explore’ deliberately. It never ceases to amaze me that we live right beside the Phoenix Park, visit it every day and yet there are parts of it where we feel like tourists. Take the ‘Furry Glen’ for example. When we head down there and follow the route along the lake and venture up into the woods, we could just as easily be in the Dublin mountains on a day-trip and yet we are still only five minutes from our house. That’s the wonder of this vast and beautiful park.

On St Patrick’s Day itself, we’ll be going along to St Patrick’s Festival parade in Dublin City centre of course but first we’ll head over to the Phoenix Park Visitors Centre where there’s a children’s art workshop taking place from 11am to 12 for Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish week). It’ll be a mad dash to the parade then, but luckily the Phoenix Park is so central that it won’t be a major problem to arrive in time to see the amazing visual display that is the parade.

It’s all very well to be planning our outings to the Phoenix Park on Monday but now I must dash because our little dog has been waiting patiently for his walk in the park today.

There is urgent dog-socialising and squirrel-worrying to attend to and if he is lucky enough there may be even the odd crow or magpie perched suitably low enough to circle and bark at in vain.

Of course the birds look on with a distinct air of total indifference, safe in the knowledge that a silly Jack Russell will never reach them in the branches but comically this thought doesn’t occur to the dog who becomes ever more excited and frustrated that his barks are falling on deaf ears. Eventually, something else will catch his eye and he’ll give up but it makes for a great spectacle of brain over brawn while it lasts.

Now if only there were a few snakes to bark at too but thankfully for us humans, St Patrick got rid of them a long time ago.


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