This blog is for lovers of the park and also for the just-plain curious.

I’ll try to include current affairs and events in the blog, as well as some historical pieces. This blog is for fun and designed to make people happy, please treat it with kindness.

“Spring is here, the grass is ris, I wonder where the flowers is?”

(Ogden Nash)

The first week of March has a special meaning to those fortunate enough to live near the Phoenix Park. The park itself of course just rumbles on regardless of the day, the week, the month or even the year. The denizens of the park are busy with the usual necessities. The deer are waiting for June/July when the young will arrive; the birds are re-nesting in the hope that winter is over and the foxes are dodging midnight cyclists and scavenging in Blackhorse Avenue dustbins in the hope that dinner is over.

The human element is changing also; the hordes of bike-riders are replaced by the gangs of runners and joggers, each sub-culture as distinct in its own mind as the proverbial chalk and cheese. Yet to the casual observer the subtle sartorial differences could easily be missed. The runners exude a serious intent, they are ‘feeling the pain’ but the joggers seem to be more laid back, almost as if ‘I’m jogging to the pub’ could be the mantra and the thought of feeling the pain is light years away.

The dog-walkers (I count myself amongst them) are here in huge numbers and these in fact are the real guardians of the park and its rules and civil codes (real or imagined). A cyclist would never admonish a dog-walker for not poop-scooping, yet another dog-walker would do so without compunction and that is one of the key messages in this beautiful urban park/wilderness/facility – it is all of ours! And you foul it at your peril dog-persons!

This self-regulatory aspect of the park is seen in many other ways. In all parts of the park and in every season, I hope to be able to bring a small part of the spirit of this unique space to the ‘cyber park lovers’ every week and that is why I have created PARKLIFE! This is my first attempt at a personal blog and so dear reader I beg your forgiveness, pardon and time. Come walk the park with me…

Next week… The magazine fort… a history and some ideas for future use.


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